Recruitment Procedures


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To begin with, the employer and the Abuadil Manpower Consultants should execute an agency agreement between them stating adequately the terms and conditions regarding demand and supply of manpower from India. This agreement should be signed by both the parties Towards acceptance of stated terms and conditions upon which the manpower trade will be executed .
The employer / principal will formally issue a demand letter in favour of Abuadil manpower consultants stating the job categories, number of workers required in each category, monthly salary, duration of contract and other amenities for workers such as food, medical, transport, air passage, accommodation etc.
The employer / principal will issue a letter of authority in favour of Abuadil manpower consultants addressed to the Consulate General of the concerned Embassy in India, informing him that M/s. Abuadil Manpower Consultants is their bonafide Manpower recruiting agent fully authorised to deal with all visa matters, submissions and delivery, with the said Embassy. (applicable to middle - east and far- east countries only).
This is a standard employment contract between employer and employee.
Selection We always prefer selection of applicant either by oral or practical test to be conducted by the employer or his authorised representative. We arrange his / their accommodation, transport and all other logistic support required for the purpose. In case we are entrusted with the selection & testing of worker, we normally do it with the help of a team of experts for technical & professional categories under direct supervision of our professional executives.

Medical Checkup After final selection we send the workers / candidates for medical check up by the authorised medical center of the respective Embassies of the country of employment.

Ticketing and Emigration The employer may send PTA or candidates pay necessary travelling expenses in favour of Abuadil manpower consultants to facilitate travelling as scheduled. We obtain emigration clearance from the concerned Govt. Dept. for the candidates.

Orientation before departure Abuadil Manpower Consultants provides basic orientation to workers before travelling abroad. The workers are informed about their duties and responsibilities while abroad and a first hand information of work environment there & salient features of labour laws of the country of employment.
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